Our History

The timeline of CEF of Snyder and Union Counties


Before Child Evangelism Fellowship of Snyder and Union Counties (CEFSU) was organized, Good News Clubs were already being held.  Reverend Donald Antico held a Good News Club in Lewisburg until about 1950.


Mrs. Jennie Pheasant held a Good News Club in her home in McClure until 1972.


Mrs. Jennie Hackenberg started a Good News Club in Smoketown (near Lewisburg).  Mrs. Kathryn Riggs taught in this Good News Club from 1958 to 1961.


Miss Mable Ruth Wray, the director for Northumberland County at the time and Miss Beryl Hampton, the field supervisor, were very encouraging in the organization of CEFSU.


An organizational meeting of the Child Evangelism Fellowship of Snyder & Union Counties was held at the Trinity E.U.B Church, Main Street in Middleburg, PA, on Monday evening, May 23, 1960.  Miss Helen Odenwelder, the State Director, and Miss E. Beryl Hampton, the Field Supervisor, were present to help plan the work for Snyder & Union Counties.  Miss Hampton appointed a committee for a temporary 6-month period.  The work was carried on by the committee and Good News Club teachers until a Director was hired in 1964.  During this time, many people cooperated to help get the work started.  Mrs. Hess, Mrs. Mitchell, and Mrs. Riggs took care of ordering materials, making the mailings, making reports to the State Office, and correcting the correspondence courses.  Minerva Mitchell corrected the courses until 1964 when Kathryn Riggs began to help, taking over the entire 4 courses in 1967.  Mary Ellen Hess did the reports to the State Office and has also served as committee secretary since 1965.


Sharon Tuttle, our first Director, was hired in October.  She shared a rented apartment in Richfield with the Perry-Juniata Director.  A friend in New York provided her with a new personal car.  She resigned in 1967 to work with children in New York State.


Connie Vollmar was hired in March.  She persevered with used and unpredictable cars.  She guided the committee through the incorporation proceedings, after having been organized for 8 years.  Child Evangelism Fellowship of Snyder and Union Counties became incorporated in December after consulting lawyers and filling out papers, etc.  On the advice of the lawyers, the committee immediately prepared a constitution and By-Laws.


The work had increased to the extent that it was overflowing and outgrowing the second-floor apartment headquarters in Selinsgrove.  The committee began praying for a house.


In October, the building on 318 Cedar Alley in Middleburg was purchased for the headquarters.  The building was debt free within two years.


Connie resigned in June to go to school in Texas and was hired in a Church School program in that area.  Coy and Eleanor Brewer were hired in November.  They resigned in 1979 to attend language school in preparation for going to the mission field for CEF.


David Benfer was hired in June.  David’s wife Lauann, being very artistic and versatile with drawings, puppets, etc., helped in the office and spent many hours doing CEF work at home.


In November, Sam Geise was hired as a field worker with the understanding that housing, utilities, and insurance would be provided, and he would be responsible for raising his own support.


In February, David Benfer left to pursue a full-time job with the Lewisburg CMA church.  At this time, Sam was asked to take the position of Director.


In May, Sam resigned his full-time job with CEF, and Connie Young, a member of the Board, was asked to be the acting director.


Sam and his wife Dora returned to CEF and became the acting directors.


Jena Braymiller was introduced to CEF in the summer of 2010 as a summer missionary in Philadelphia.  She decided to join CEF of Snyder and Union Counties full-time as Director-in-Training in November.


In April, we purchased the present building located at 7065 RTE 522, Middleburg.  The building was debt-free within four years.


In April, Jena and Shane Tyson left the ministry to prepare to go to the mission field.  

CEF of Snyder and Union Counties, Inc. is affiliated with CEF of Eastern PA, Inc.

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